Convert large master rolls into smaller rolls for use on form fill and seal machines.

Premium Rewinding Technology

Certain materials, such as light gauge films and complex laminate materials, require specialized rewinding techniques to ensure that the finished rolls are of the desired quality. Rewind technology, such as roll lock differential air shafts and closed-loop rewind tension control, enables AlphaPoly to provide you with high-quality finished rolls.

AlphaPoly’s Slitting Rewinding Machine

  • Rewind technology: roll lock differential air shafts and servo-actuated lay-on roller systems
  • Modes: "minimum gap" for adhesive materials, narrow width option for narrow web rewind
  • Closed-loop rewind tension control: optimum control for tension-sensitive materials
  • Load cells: to adjust torque to rewind shafts automatically
  • Auto roll lock differential air shafts: ideal for tension-sensitive materials, no spacers needed