Bakery Packaging

The last thing you want to do with a blue ribbon recipe is compromise the freshness or the taste with subpar packaging. Show off your brand while still maintaining the freshness with bakery bags, cookie packaging, cake packaging, or bread wrappers from AlphaPoly. Let’s talk about what you knead. (Sorry.) Poly film bags with gussets? Individual bags with handles, bottom gussets or wickets? We’ll help you keep it fresh and stand out on the shelf.


Here’s some commonly asked questions about bakery and bread packaging.

How can you ensure that bakery products remain fresh in their packaging?

This is a great question frequently asked about food packaging. To ensure bakery products remain fresh in their packaging, it is important to use packaging materials that have good moisture and oxygen barrier properties. Additionally, proper sealing and storage at the right temperature can help extend the shelf life of bakery and bread products and maintain their freshness.

What are the benefits of well-designed bakery packaging?

Well designed bakery packaging offers numerous benefits. It helps maintain the freshness and quality of baked goods, protects them during transportation, and enhances their visual appeal. Bakery packaging is also a great way to assist in brand and marketing efforts, making products more enticing to customers.

Can bread packaging and cookie packaging be designed to be resealable?

Yes, both bread packaging and cookie packaging can be designed to be resealable, which is a feature increasingly in demand for its convenience and ability to maintain product freshness.This can be achieved through various mechanisms like zipper seals, adhesive strips, resealable flaps, tie closures, or even innovative slider closures.

Are there sustainable or biodegradable options for bread and cookie packaging?

Yes, there are sustainable and biodegradable great way options available for both bread and cookie packaging. Alphapoly offers recyclable, compostable, and PCR packaging solutions. The shift towards these greener packaging options reflects a growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products.

What kinds of bakery products can you provide packaging for?

We can provide solutions for Breads (eg. Baguette packs, loaf bags, etc.), Pastries (eg. Cupcake bags, croissant bags), Cakes, Cookies, Muffins and Scones, Pies, Doughnuts and Bagels, and just about anything else you can cook up.

Do you provide cake boards, sales stickers or bakery takeout containers?

Unfortunatly, that’s not our cup of tea.

What are your favourite baked good?

We’d say donuts. They’re a bit like us, unassuming but essential, and always better with a coffee in hand.