Candy & Snack Packaging

Midnight snacks, afterschool snacks, road trip snacks, movie snacks… Consumers love to grab a little bite of something when they get the munchies. Make sure your snack packaging keeps things fresh, appeals to their eyes and their stomachs, and has the closure options they seek (for the rare occasions when they don’t finish it all in one sitting). AlphaPoly has the snack wrapping options you crave. Ask about sustainable snack packaging, too!


Here’s some commonly asked questions about candy and snack packaging.

Which type of snack bags or packaging is best for preserving freshness?

Product packaging such as resealable bags or pouches, is the best option for preserving snack freshness. These provide a barrier against moisture, air, and light, keeping snacks crisp and flavorful. Additionally, it allows for easy opening and closing, ensuring that the snack remains fresh after each use.

How can snack packaging affect consumer behavior?

Snack packaging can significantly influence consumer behavior through its design, color, information, and functionality. Attractive and eye-catching packaging designs draw consumers’ attention on retail shelves. Clear and concise information about the product, including its health benefits or unique selling points, can persuade consumers to make a purchase. Additionally, convenient packaging features, such as resealability or portability, enhance the product’s perceived value by catering to consumer needs for ease of use.

Can you provide eco-friendly or biodegradable options for candy packaging?

Absolutely! We offering recyclable, compostable, and PCR options for your products. We can create a variety of custom packaging options for your vegan pretzels, gluten free chips, premium crackers or exciting protein bars. There’s a packaging option for almost any snack!

Are your candy packaging solutions compliant with food safety regulations?

Yes! Our candy packaging solutions are fully compliant with food safety regulations. We leverage flexible packaging, clear barrier technology, and sustainable packaging materials to ensure that our snack food packaging not only meets industry standards but also supports freshness and quality preservation. Our commitment to safety and sustainability makes our packaging solutions ideal for a wide range of candy and snack products.

What are the latest trends for snack foods like granola, popcorn, and trail mix?

Single-serving packs and resealable packaging cater to on-the-go consumption and portion control, making it easier for consumers to enjoy snacks without overindulging. Brands are also looking more at eco-friendly packaging, adopting compostable or recyclable packaging and highlighting their commitment to sustainability in their product lines.

Does Alphapoly design packaging artwork?

Unfortuntaly, Alphapoly does not design packaging artwork. We specialize in the material and structural aspects of packaging solutions rather than the creation of design artwork. if you’re looking for high-quality flexible packaging, custom snack packaging, and sustainable packaging options, we’re your shop. For design assistance, we can introduce you to our specialized partners.

What are your thoughts on QR codes on snack packaging?

We believe QR codes on snack packaging offer a modern and interactive way to enhance the consumer experience. They can bridge the gap between the physical product and digital content, allowing consumers to access detailed product information, nutritional facts, brand stories, and even promotional or engaging multimedia content with just a smartphone scan. Tools like Uniqode, Tapkit, are worth exploring.