A brightly designed flat bottom pouch used for packaging goods.

Flat Bottom Pouches

A flat base allows these pouches to stand perfectly upright on a shelf. It is often the best way to merchandise your product, it lowers your costs and saves space in the warehouse and on supermarket shelves. Excellent barrier properties, easy filling, and visual appeal make flat bottom pouches an ideal solution for a wide range of industries.

Custom Flat Bottom Pouches

Standing perfectly upright, flat pouch packaging garners attention with a high-end, in-store presentation. Customize the pouch by colourfully designing all five printable surfaces, adding tear notches, or including hanger holes.

Resealable Flat Bottom Pouches

Great packaging appeals to customers on the shelf and keeps them happy at home. A presstoclose resealable zipper keeps the product fresh inside and provides added convenience for consumers who don’t want to compromise on quality.


Printed or unprinted


  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Registered Matte
  • Soft Touch Matte


Here’s some commonly asked questions about flat bottom pouches.

If you have questions about packaging options, shipping, or any other specific needs, please reach out. We service the USA and Canada.

What are flat bottom pouches and what are they used for?

Flat bottom pouches are a type of flexible packaging that has a flat, stable base. They are commonly used for storing and preserving various food products, such as fertilizer, coffee, snacks, pet food, and more. The flat bottom design provides stability and allows the pouches to stand upright on store shelves, where they can take up less space.

Can flat bottom pouches be customized to fit specific products or branding needs?

Yes, in many cases flat bottom packaging can be customized to fit specific products or branding needs. They can be printed with custom designs, logos, and product information. If you require anything additional (eg. valves, zippers, foil, gussets, sustainable materials, or solutions for heavy products) please reach out to our sales team.

Does Alphapoly provide packaging artwork?

No, but we do have a network of packaging designers who’ve designed solutions for a variety of products, working with various sizes of packaging. Contact us with your unique product requirements and we can put you in touch with the right partner.

What industries typically use flat bottom pouches, and why?

Flat Bottom bags are commonly filled with various products in the food and beverage industry, cosmetics, personal care industries, nutritional supplements, as well as the pet food where maintaining product freshness is important. The flat bottom design provides the best user experience for consumers; it allows stability and maximizes shelf space. It’s a versatile solution ideal for products like coffee beans, spices, snacks, powders, and more!

What factors should be considered when choosing a supplier for flat bottom pouches?

We think you’ve already found the right supplier, but if you have doubts, when choosing a supplier, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, pricing, lead time, customization options, and customer service. Look for a supplier with a proven track record, a good social following, positive reviews, and the ability to meet your specific packaging needs.

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