Custom product packaging with eye-popping colour helps your brand grab the attention of consumers.

Custom Printed Packaging

Great branding and design are subject to print quality. Custom packaging should add value in your eyes and, more importantly, in the eyes of consumers. AlphaPoly’s printing process is precise, leading to crisp, colour-matched results you can be proud of.

Flexographic Printing for Custom Product Packaging Benefits

  • High Speed 1300 FPM
  • 10-colour with computer-controlled viscosity system
  • 100% integrated defect detection


Here’s some commonly asked questions about flexo printing.

What is flexographic printing and how does it work?

Flexographic printing is a printing method that uses flexible plates and fast-drying inks to print on various substrates, such as plastic. This technology works by transferring ink from the flexographic printing plate onto the printing surface using a rotating cylinder called anilox roller.

What are the advantages of using flexographic printing for packaging?

Flexographic printing offers several advantages for packaging, including high printing speeds, cost-effectiveness for large print runs, the ability to print on various substrates, and excellent print quality. It is also a versatile printing method that allows for customization and quick turnaround times. It offers far better precision that digital printing.

What types of materials can be printed with flexography?

Flexographic printing can be used to print on a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, plastics, films, foils, labels, and flexible packaging materials. Its versatility makes flexography a popular choice for printing on various substrates in industries such as packaging, labeling, and printing.

What industries commonly use custom Flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing is a popular choice across various sectors, notably in the packaging industry for materials like labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons. It’s extensively used in label printing, catering to a wide range of products in food, beverage, and healthcare. In the food and beverage sector, it’s ideal for printing on non-porous substrates like snack bags and beverage cartons.

Does Alphapoly provide design services?

No, but we do have a network of packaging designers who’ve designed solutions for a variety of products. Contact us with your unique product requirements and we can put you in touch with the right partner to create your artwork needs.