Lawn & Garden Product Packaging

We’re not just any garden variety packaging company. From lawn seed and peat moss to BBQ grilling pellets, AlphaPoly offers flexible packaging for anything that gets used outside. Grow your market with lawn and garden packaging that makes your brand look good, even if the stuff inside doesn’t.


Here’s some commonly asked questions about lawn and garden packaging.

What are some common types of lawn and garden packaging?

Common types of lawn products and gardening products that we can provide packaging for include; Seed packets, grass seed, ice melt, fertilizer, mulch, potting soil, compost, soil additives, decorative products, and so much more. Our packaging solutions are designed to provide ease of use, be durable, while also protecting and preserving products.

What materials are typically used in lawn and garden packaging?

Lawn and garden packaging typically uses materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene for pouches and bags. Compostable materials are a growing trend that can be a great option for sustainability-focused consumers.

What factors should be considered when choosing lawn and garden packaging?

When choosing lawn and garden packaging, consider factors such as durability, weather resistance, eco-friendliness, and functionality. It should be able to protect the contents from moisture, pests, and damage while also being visually appealing and easy to handle.

Are there any eco-friendly options for lawn and garden packaging?

Yes, Alphapoly offers a variety of eco-friendly options for lawn and garden market. Recyclable, PCR, and compostable materials are available for for packaging. These materials are sustainable and help reduce environmental impact compared to traditional options.

Does Alphapoly provide packaging design services?

While we’re experts in providing flexible packaging solutions, we don’t directly provide packaging design services. However, we understand the importance of aesthetics and unique characteristics in packaging, especially for lawn and garden packaging given the growing trend of planting and lawn care among homeowners. To address this, we work with specialized partners who can assist with your design needs. If you have questions about rollstock, pouching, or open mouth bags? We’re your team. If you curious if your logo should be bigger, well, we’ve got a partner for that too.