Laminated films provide an extra barrier and a pristine finish to your custom packaging.

How AlphaPoly Applies Laminated Films

AlphaPoly uses the latest quick-cure solventless lamination and food approved adhesion technology, allowing for quick turnarounds. This increases your options while reducing our ecological footprint with solvent-free adhesives.

The Laminator: Finish with Flare


Here’s some commonly asked questions about laminating.

What is laminated packaging and what are its benefits?

Laminated packaging refers to packaging materials that are made up of multiple layers laminated together. These layers often consist of different materials, such as plastic, foil, or paper, which provide various benefits like improved barrier properties (keep humidity out), increased durability, and enhanced visual appeal.

How Does Laminated Packaging Benefit Food, or Pet Food products?

Laminated packaging significantly benefits and functionality for a wide range of products by providing strong barrier protection and extending shelf life. Its durable, multi-layered structure safeguards during transport, and its customizable design allows for various packaging styles and branding opportunities. Additionally, it preserves flavor and aroma, offers UV protection, and comes in sustainable options, making it a highly favored choice for packaging.

What types of products might use laminated packaging?

Lamination significantly enhances the packaging and preservation of a variety of specific products. It’s essential in food packaging, for items like snack bars, cookies, pet food, fertilizer, frozen foods, and disinfectant wipes, offering protection against contamination, and extending shelf life. Lamination is also key in the spices and herbs sector, preserving aroma and flavor in jars, sachets, and bulk bags. Lamonated packaging benefit from its moisture resistance and visual appeal. In pet food packaging, it maintains the quality of dry kibble, wet food, and treats ensuring product integrity and brand enhancement.

What are the Key Considerations in Choosing Laminated Packaging?

When choosing laminated packaging, key considerations include the type of product being packaged, as this affects the required barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light. The compatibility of the laminate layers with the product is crucial to prevent chemical interactions and preserve the product’s integrity. Additionally, the packaging’s strength and durability are important to withstand transportation and handling. The sealability and ease of opening of the package also play a role in consumer convenience. Environmental factors, such as the recyclability or biodegradability of the materials, are increasingly important in response to environmental concerns. Finally, aesthetic aspects like printability and visual appeal should align with branding and marketing strategies.