Pet Food Packaging

Let’s be honest, pets packaging needs to appeal to owners and be resistant to pets, especially if it’s cat food packaging or dog treat packaging. The tastier the product, the more durable the bag needs to be to keep four-legged “consumers” from making a mess or gorging themselves. Looking for sustainable pet food packaging or resealable dog food bags? AlphaPoly can make it happen.


Here’s some commonly asked questions about pet food packaging.

In what ways is your pet food packaging sustainable?

You bet! We offer pet food brands a variety of sustainable options including recyclable packaging, PCR packaging, and compostable packaging.

What should one consider when choosing pet food packaging?

Premium pet food brands will want to prioritize material safety, freshness preservation, and user-friendliness. Opt for high quality packaging that is durable for transportation and for weeks of consumer handling. Consider special features like windows, or UV protection for certain pet food products.

Can packaging affect the quality and freshness of pet food?

Yes, pet food packaging can have an impact. Poor packaging materials or inadequate sealing can lead to contamination and spoilage of the food, which can cause digestive issues or foodborne illnesses in pets. It is important to choose pet food with packaging that is safe and secure.

What role does labeling play in pet food packaging?

Labeling in pet food packaging plays a crucial role in providing essential information to consumers, such as ingredients, nutritional content, feeding instructions, and compliance with regulatory standards. It also helps in brand recognition and marketing the product effectively. If you need assistance with design services, we can point you in the direction of specialized experts.

Do you have frozen, dry or wet pet food options?

Yes, we offer a variety of pet food options, including frozen, dry, and wet types. Our packaging experts can point you in the right direction if you have any questions. We’re always in tune with consumer trends in the pet food market, and our printing process helps you exceed the expectations of pet owners, delivering the perfect product every time, regardless of whether your product is on a shelf, or in a freezer.

Do you like cats or dog better?

As dedicated animal lovers, asking us to choose between cats and dogs is like asking us to pick cupcakes or cookies! We’re absolutely, unequivocally, and unapologetically in love with both.