Pinch Bottom Pouches

Discover the perfect packaging solution for your medium and large products. Pinch bottom pouches are the perfect blend of practicality and eye-catching appeal. These pouches feature a stable bottom that takes shape as you fill them, ensuring an attractive display that catches the eye at any point of sale. Our pinch bottom pouches offer excellent sealing properties that keep your products safe from external agents. Choose from a variety of barrier options and finishes for packaging that’s both secure and visually stunning.

Customizable features include a high barrier, hermetic bottom closure, tear notches, and vent holes.

Custom Pet Food Packaging

Pets deserve the very best, and that includes their food packaging. Pinch bottom pouches keep things fresh and tasty with an airtight seal, locking in flavour and preventing moisture from spoiling the goodness inside. Plus, their pinch bottom and tapered shape make them simple to stack, optimizing storage and transportation. Show off your pet food in packages that look great and keep tails wagging. 

Custom Lawn and Garden Packaging

For products that spend much of their time outdoors, pinch bottom pouches are an ideal choice. Reliable sealing ensures contents stay protected from the elements, and you’ll never need to worry about dirt or moisture creeping in. With a pinch bottom design and tapered shape, these pouches stack easily, making storage and distribution a breeze. Keep your lawn and garden products secure and beautifully presented. 


Printed or unprinted


  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Registered Matte
  • Soft Touch Matte


Here’s some commonly asked questions about pinch bottom pouch.

What are pinch bottom bags and what are they used for?

Pinch bottom bags, also known as pinch bottom pouches, are a type of flexible packaging that is sealed at the bottom with a pinch or fold. They are commonly used for packaging various products such as lawn and garden(fertilizer, bbq pellets, bird seed, coffee, pet food. The pinch bottom design provides stability and easy filling.

What materials are most commonly used to make pinch bottom bags?

Pinch bottom pouches are typically made from materials like PET and polyethylene films. These materials provide durability, flexibility, and moisture resistance, making pinch bottom pouches bags suitable for a wide range of products such as lawn and garden(fertilizer, bbq pellets, bird seed, coffee, pet food

Can pinch bottom bags be customized with branding or logos?

Yes, pinch bottom pouches can be easily customized with branding or logos. This allows businesses to create a unique and recognizable packaging solution that aligns with their brand identity and helps attract customers. Customization options include printing, and adding logos or designs to the bags.

Does Alphapoly provide packaging artwork?

No, but we do have a network of packaging designers we could put you in contact with.

What industries typically use pinch bottom bags for their products?

Pinch bottom bags are commonly used in industries such as pet food, lawn and garden, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. They are great for dry bulk goods. These bags provide a secure and convenient packaging solution for a wide range of products, ensuring freshness and ease of use for both manufacturers and consumers.

What about metalzied, hang holes, valves or other accessories?

There are a variety of ways we can make your packaging unique to your needs. We recommend reaching out to our sales team with specific requests.

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