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Why Pet Food Packaging Matters

Written by AlphaPoly

Felix (cat) 

I’m finicky and I own it. As a general rule, I get what I want when I want it.  

It doesn’t matter that you filled my bowl before you left for the day. If I get a whiff of my favourite food, I will find a way to binge until I reach the point of regret.  

Don’t judge my lack of self-control; applaud my ingenuity. Not all pet food packaging is created equally, so sometimes I have to work hard to satisfy both my curiosity and my appetite by gaining access while you’re away. 

You’d never know about my antics if the food package didn’t spill after a little shredding. How unkempt! I don’t mind, though, because I ate my fill, and you cleaned up the mess. All I do is win.  

Fido (dog) 

There’s more to me than an adorable, pet-able face. I can sit, fetch, and stay… when I want to. I know when you’ve had a bad day. I can sense when you’re scared.  

I feel joy. I play. And I get sick. 

My hobbies may be simple (squirrel chasing, barking at shadows, and napping), but I know what I like. 

I like fresh food, not stale stuff. People think that just because I’m a dog, I don’t care about quality. Wrong. 

That’s why I get excited when I see the dog food package among the groceries. It’s not just because it’s my food and I’m a glutton; it’s because I know the freshest meal will be the first one out of that bag and I can’t wait. 

Over time, though, insects and rodents make themselves at home. Gross, right? But what can I say other than “Woof!”? I don’t like to disappoint you, so I eat the stale, infested food, even if it upsets my stomach. (Dog food gets mold and bacteria, too.) 

Sally (pet owner) 

It’s not enough that I have to lug those giant bags of pet food from my car into the house; now I’m supposed to put it into a completely different container, too?  

Why don’t pet food companies put the food in more manageable packaging? Keep the food fresh, make it easy to serve, and ensure the packaging is durable enough to prevent my pets from helping themselves and making a mess. 

AlphaPoly Pet Food Packaging 

The best pet food packaging keeps food fresh and tasty while also keeping mold, bacteria, and household pests like insects and rodents out of the picture. AlphaPoly offers a variety of pet food packaging options that set your target audience and their pets up for success.