Quality Assurance & Testing

Customized Colour Standards & Quality Control

  • For every job, our printing experts create customized colour standards and monitor accuracy throughout the printing process. This allows us to ensure that our high quality standards are consistent from start to finish.

In House QA & QC

  • Quality assurance is the primary focus of everything we do to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Our fully supported laboratory is run by a Certified Quality Assurance Technician trained in the IFS PACsecure standard inclusive of HACCP.
  • All products are inspected throughout our production processes and leave our facility guaranteed to be of superior quality in every aspect.

QC Procedures

All of our products are compliant with the procedures and standards set out by the IFS PACsecure standard, recognized world-wide for food safe packaging:

Identification of primary materials in finished products is by Gas Chromatography, a powerful tool for identifying types of chemicals used in the process to manufacture food safe packaging.

Verification testing of adhesive and retained solvents is deployed throughout the printing, lamination and drying processes

  1. Ensuring proper dimensions, colours, and KCOF-coefficient of friction are achieved during the processing.
  2. Ensuring seal strength, gauge, and barrier properties are correct for end use.
  3. Daily monitoring of samples taken each hour or less on all our different processes of printing, laminating and converting stages are then filed and sent to production management.
  4. Prepared certificates of analysis for our customers.
  5. Provide continuous research and development to improve our quality procedures.
  6. Customer support in developing new packaging structures.

Our quality assurance is committed to food safe packaging.

IFS PACsecure

Quality Assurance & Testing