Brilliant HD Flexo Printing

When it comes to brilliant colour in high definition, Alpha Poly has you covered. Our printing equipment and the people behind it can produce some of the most amazing packaging graphics on the market. For consistency, our computer controlled viscosity on the press controls ink density from start to finish.

Solvent-Based Inks

The inks we use allow us to produce glossy, scuff-resistant images. This way, your beautifully printed packaging still looks its best on the shelf and in the hands of the end-user.

Ink Colours

Reverse High Precision Printing

We also offer vibrant high-precision reverse printing. Your packaging will still look great, but the graphics will be printed on the inside, trapped between two layers of film for even more durability.

Reverse High Precision Printing

Customized Colour Standards & Quality Control

For every job, our printing experts create customized colour standards and monitor accuracy throughout the printing process. This allows us to ensure that our high quality standards are consistent from start to finish.

Print Spectrophotometer Colour Management

HD Flexo Printing