Pouch Making

If your project requires a type of pouch, we can help you create, high-quality packaging with brilliant graphics. We will meet your manufacturing processes and needs to find the right pouch type, features, and options.

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Types of Pouches

Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches offer the flexibility of adding more product volume without increasing required shelf space, present well for merchandising and come in a variety of sizes. They are popular for food packaging such as coffee, grains, health foods, nuts, snacks as well as pet foods and treats.

Quad Seal Pouch

Quad Seal pouches offer strength and flexibility with all four sides sealed. With a flat bottom and side gussets, they stand up for shelf presentation. They are popular for coffee, tea, snacks and bulky products. For high volume products such as pet food, lawn, and garden products or cat litter, pair this pouch with side gussets for increased capacity.

High Barrier/Extended Shelf Life Pouch

These multi-layer plastic pouches resist tearing and puncturing as well as being an excellent odor, moisture, and oxygen barrier. They provide product protection and gas flushing ensures product freshness as well as improving shelf life for perishable products such as cheeses, fish, meats, baked goods and poultry.

Laminated Pouch Examples

Pouch Details/Options

Pouch Features

  • Top Load or Bottom Load to meet your manufacturing needs
  • Gussets for expanded capacity
  • Reclosable Zippers offer customer convenience
  • Barrier Films for product protection
  • Tear Notches provide easy access

Pouch Packaging Materials

  • Poly – offers high seal strength and integrity.
  • PET – provides moisture and oxygen barrier, bag stiffness and easy tearing ability.
  • Nylon/PvDC – an excellent oxygen barrier for maintaining freshness.
  • Metallized Films – a poly film with a thin coat of metal that adds oxygen, moisture and UV protection.
  • Foil – protects products from moisture, oxygen, and UV.

Pouch Printing Options

You can choose to matte coat any section of your bag to highlight your graphics and grab consumers’ attention.