Printed Banners

Poly Printed Banners / Base Wrap / Pallet Wrap have a multitude of applications to help communicate your brand. Poly Printed Banners are produced as a single face roll with a continuous image of your artwork repeating.  We can produce banners from 2” wide up to 52”.

Indoor and Outdoor Inks

The product can be printed with high gloss UV inks for outdoor applications. These inks really make the colours of your artwork stand out. The banners can also be printed with standard glossy inks for indoor use.

Banner Wrap

Poly Printed Pallet Wrapping

Pallet Wrap, another term for Base Wrap, is usually wrapped around the pallet at floor level. This dresses up the pallet visually and draws attention to your brand, which increases sales in that floor footprint. Customers have also used Pallet Wrap – in window or wall displays – at eye level in retail environments.

Quality and Consistency

If you need a solid colour background for a store display, we can print any colour and hold the consistency of that colour so that your display will look the same at every location.

Pallet/Banner Wraps