Packaging Bags

Alpha Poly’s state of the art equipment offers you a variety of types and a broad range of sizes for your packaging bag project. We can create bags with various seals in sizes from 3 to 53 inches wide. Additional options include zipper and adhesive closure options, and gusseting and wicketless hot needle packs.

Variety of Bags

Bag Types

We offer nine different bag production lines, including two bottom-seal, three side-seal wickets, and four-side-seal flat-belt machines.

Bottom-seal Bags

These product bags can be leak proof, or breathable and are an excellent choice for hardware, bread, baked goods, and food.

Side-seal Wicket Bags

Have two lip holes where a metal wicket inserts to hold a group of bags together. The packaging is designed for autofill line equipment and preferred for produce, bread bags and tortillas.

Four two side-seal Flat-belt Bags

A product packaging bag that is sealable on each side and a fine choice for courier bags, bakeries, produce, industrial goods, and clothing.

Zipper Bag

Bag Closure Options

With all of our packaging bag lines, we can create open, tamper evident, zipper or adhesive closures depending on the application. Ask our packaging experts to help you determine what’s right for your packaging project.

Zipper Bag Closures

An easy reclosure solution for consumers with an option for serrations that allow effortless access.

Adhesive bag closures

Permanent or resealable bag closures with an option for double adhesive closures making it easy for consumer product returns.

Bagging Machine

Additional Bag Features

In addition to our closure options, we also offer custom plastic bag features such as gusseting and wicketless hot needle packs.


Expandable sides on the sides or bottom of a bag and allow it to expand to provide more product capacity. A simple packaging solution.

Wicketless Hot Needle Packs

This process binds product bags together by inserting a hot needle through a large grouping of bags. The bag packs are dispensed using a rack or laying flat.