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Get to Know the AlphaPoly Lineup

Written by AlphaPoly

A recent IPSOS survey found 72 percent of consumers polled said that packaging influences purchase decision. And as new innovations and technologies in packaging emerge, the bars are being reset for finish, feel, functionality and product visibility. When you factor in an increasingly demanding consumer base unprepared to settle for mediocrity, same-old packaging won’t cut it.

Anything but same-old

In 1999, when AlphaPoly moved from garbage bag manufacturing to food portioning solutions, it immediately became the Canadian leader in the industry. Since then, the company has maintained its position by keeping up with what consumer demand is going to be. It’s why our eco-friendly products are so well-developed, and why our lineup is so well-diversified.

Poly Bags

Poly bags are popular because they’re versatile and offer a lot of space for attention-getting graphics and messaging. They’re especially popular with clients for whom education is part of the sales process. For one of our food clients, that education piece was important because they were in a new category. As you can see, the message pops cleanly and the window is big enough for customers to showcase the look of their products.

Roll Stock

AlphaPoly roll stock is the affordable option for essentials like frozen foods, bakery, candy and confectionery, but looks way better than your average “affordable option.” Good Fats relies on our roll stock to keep their bars fresh in lunchboxes and backpacks around the world.

You can punch up your roll stock with peelable and resealable windows, INNO-LOK resealable zippers and other features.


Farm Boy took the Canadian grocery landscape by storm in 2018 after being acquired by Sobeys. They took the AlphaPoly pouch along for the ride to package their popular Smoothie Boosters.

The self-standing pouch and oversized name design are unmissable on the shelf. That presence, along with its surprisingly affordable price point and excellent protection from moisture and light, is why snack, pet food, frozen food, bakery and so many other industries go this route.

And, in an era of rising costs, the AlphaPoly lightweight design is a win for transport efficiency.

AlphaPoly pouches come in a range of finishes both glossy and matte, including a premium-feel Soft Touched Matte. And the sturdy construction delivers excellent protection from moisture and light.

Pinch Bottom

If shelf presence is a priority, it’s hard to beat the display-friendly look of the four graphic panels on a pinch bottom bag. Ideal for medium and large formats, these bags are easy to stack, thanks to its square-bottom shape and tapered top. Also, the bags’ vent holes make shipping easier and more affordable by limiting the bulk of each unit.

Flat Bottom

Lawn seed and fertilizers. Dry pet foods. Dry food and snack favourites. You’ll find AlphaPoly flat bottom bags in these categories and so many more, telling big stories about what’s inside them. Dainty Rice uses every square millimetre to tell its unique generational story.

The Dainty team was thrilled with the final look. They were more thrilled by how using less material and film, saving warehouse/display space and being sized right for high-speed auto-filling lowered their costs significantly.

Flat Bottoms come in glossy and a range of mattes and present a full five surfaces for powerful branding and messaging.

The One Feature They All Share

A clear collaborative effort between us and the brands. Time after time, the best solutions are achieved when we work together on the strategy, creative vision and creative execution — and especially when the collaboration begins early in the process.

And with the global supply chain being what it is right now, smart, creative, money-saving food packaging solutions are essential.

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