IFS PACsecure Certification

Alpha Poly is IFS PACsecure Certified. Our higher level IFS PACsecure Certification, also known as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), raises the bar for product safety throughout our entire production process with continuous monitoring of IFS PACsecure practices, procedures, rules, and standards. We believe this is a critical component to providing our customers who operate in highly regulated environments with safe, high-quality, flexible packaging products.

What is IFS PACsecure?

IFS PACsecure is one of the world’s leading comprehensive food safety standards for primary and secondary packaging materials. It is a Global Food Safety Initiative-recognized Standard (GFIS) for the assessment of packaging material suppliers and converters. The Certification is offered jointly by International Featured Standards (IFS) Management, which is one of the largest global product safety and quality standards organizations, and the Packaging Association Consortium (PAC).

IFS PACsecure

Safe Packaging

Alpha Poly is dedicated to manufacturing safe packaging of flexible packaging materials for the food industry including bags, pouches, and roll stock products through our printing, laminating, and converting processes.

We focus on systematic hazard prevention using analysis and risk-assessment by adhering to preventative processes and stringent quality standards such as:

  • Regular supplier audits to ensure all parties conform to standards
  • Site, personnel and visitor security measures
  • Avenues for our customers to submit a list of allergens that packaging must not be exposed to during the manufacturing process
  • Facilities maintenance to ensure sound conditions for packaging production
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement and analysis
IFS PACsecure Certification