Alpha Poly continues to invest in Green initiatives including re-use strategies, recycling and biodegradable films. We’ll also continue to reduce our carbon footprint as every responsible corporate citizen should. We’re very proud of our Environmental program, and we’re always happy to compare notes on our initiatives!


Alpha Poly’s product offerings promote environmental initiatives and re-use strategies:

  • Environmentally sustainable products like compostable, biodegradable, and bags made from recycled plastic are available.
  • Custom features offer several re-use strategies such as re-closable zippers, re-sealable tape and die-cut handles.
  • 99% of the packaging that we manufacture is end user recyclable with municipal recycling programs. We offer OXO Biodegradable bags made to any specification. OXO is an additive incorporated during extrusion, that results in a time specified accelerated breakdown of polymer molecules, when exposed to any combination of: Heat, Light, Stress, and Air.

Environment in our Hands


Alpha Poly recycles approximately 95% of all waste material.

  • Our pre-consumer plastic recycling program sees 99% of all scrap accumulated during a production run sent for recycling into new useable plastic, decreasing the use of raw materials.
  • Plastic pallet wrap and empty plastic spools are collected and recycled.
  • Corrugate cores are collected and reused internally and excess cores are sent for recycling.
  • All excess cardboard material and wooden pallets are reused or recycled.
  • Our solvent recycling system insures all printing solvents are recycled.

Office and Plant Initiatives:

  • In 2011 Alpha Poly converted the lighting in our building to more energy efficient T-8 lights reducing energy consumption by 36% and increasing bulb life by 6000 hours. Hydro One recognized this initiative for its significant contribution to their “Partners in Power Reduction” program.
  • Our In-House Recycling Program facilitates collection for municipal recycling.
  • Thermostats are all programmable reducing the energy used during non-business hours.
  • Over the last year we have digitized a large part of our manual processes which has reduced printed documentation by over 20%.
Environmental/Green Solutions