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Guide to Printing Flexible Packaging


Printing Process – A Brand Manager’s Guide to Printing Flexible Packaging

Written by AlphaPoly

An all-too common question about flexible packaging

“Will my brand still look good?”

Brand managers may consider flexible packaging for reasons ranging from cost-saving measures to sustainability. And while the motivation differs by client and industry, the same concerns almost always come up:

Will my brand look as good as it does now?

It depends on who’s doing the printing.


Look for packaging partners that can appreciate a contoured canvas

A flat surface is easy to see completely. For a brand story conveyed on a package, this story will be made by elements like a logo, brand name, call-out and maybe a special offer. Together, they tell a complete story and give consumers a compelling reason to buy.

With most flexible packaging, you run the risk of a consumer not seeing part of the message if the packaging is produced haphazardly or placed on the shelf inconsiderately.

AlphaPoly doesn’t do anything haphazardly ¾ and that starts with our printing process:


1 – Planning

The printing process begins before you have a design. While you choose a shape and material, we’ll start consulting with your designers to show them how certain designs will look on different kinds of materials.

By planning both look and feel simultaneously, we’ll have them complementing each other on the final package.


2 – Proof Approval

With your approved design in hand, we’ll build out a customized set of high-definition printing plates and a colour standard for your design. This will ensure consistency in colour and layout regardless of how many print runs you order.

The printer is uniquely engineered for flexible packaging to give you a high-quality image on any material you choose. We’ll provide you with a colour proof to review and make final decisions before starting the first run.


3 – Printing

Depending on your needs, we can offer both process printing and line printing. The press can run at 1300 ft/min and can print up to10-colours (like CMYK printing with more lights and darks). This creates much richer, more detailed images on your packaging and looks great on our flexible materials.

At this time, we’d also apply any unique finishes you chose, like a matte varnish, soft touch, or a metallic film.


4 – Quality Control

Our QC process throughout a print run ensures high-definition images and consistency regardless of design or material.Additionally, our system can quickly catch print defects to keep the line moving.

Afterwards, your printing plates will be cleaned and kept in a temperature-controlled room for future runs. We can also offer you an automated warehouse facility to store and ship your new packaging.


Be doubly proud of your flexible packaging

Good for the world AND great for sales. That’s the kind of win/win people inside and outside your company notice. And it’s what you’ll get from AlphaPoly Packaging. We have more than 30 years of industry experience and knowledge in packaging. We offer a wide variety of traditional and sustainable packaging options you can customize to your liking.

Contact us to find out how AlphaPoly can elevate your brand today.

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