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4 Unique Finishes To Make Your Brand’s Packaging Stand Out

Written by AlphaPoly

For consumer goods brands catching the eye of a consumer in a store, whether it’s physical or virtual, is a first and important step in a buying journey. If it’s a physical store this is quickly followed by the next step of actually reaching out and touching a product. In both these scenarios packaging plays a critical role in making that first impression of a product that’s visually attractive and physically unique.
But with constant competition for attention on shelves, it can be hard to stand out with simple out-of-the-box packaging solutions. This is where the many different types of finishings and press effects can transform plain packaging into something unique to both sight and touch.

From coatings to materials, finishing options available for packaging that can make a product stand out. Whether these finishing options are right for a product will depend on packaging design, product specifics, and the capabilities of packaging partners, but all can add a unique look and feel to packaging. Keep reading to explore unique packages and the techniques used to achieve them.


1. Soft Touch

A unique texture effect be achieved by using special soft-touch varnishes. This focuses on creating a more tactile experience with packaging as the material itself becomes soft to the touch. It’s worth checking with your packaging partner as packaging design, product specifics and press capabilities can determine if it can be done.

Soft Touch flex packaging

2. Windows

Giving consumers an opportunity to see into packaging that is not transparent or using cuts to give packaging a unique layered or punch out look are common finishing techniques many brands use to differentiate their packaging.

For example a granola brand may want to show consumers the oats and seeds of their products or a pet food brand might want to showcase the size of their treats. To do this they could use windows so consumers can see the product inside and judge its ingredients or quality. Some brands also use windows to naturally fit into and accentuate part of their graphics on the package.

Flex packaging with Windows

3. Metallic Films

Another way to add a unique look to any packaging is to use one of many different metallic finishing’s. Like with all finishing options metal should be discussed with your packaging partner to ensure its right for the brands packaging design, and product, as well as to make sure that their partner has the capabilities. That said metals are a great option to add reflectivity to elements of packaging, add shine, and can play an important role in protecting a product.

Metallic Films

4. Matte Coating or Film

For brands that want to create a more high-end feeling to their packaging they can consider using different matte coating or matte film options. Matte finishes lack the sheen or shine that gloss finishes have. Matte finishing’s tend to mute colours and give them slightly less depth when compared to gloss, creating an overall effect that ends up being somewhat understated while still coming off as elegant or premium.

Matte Coating or Film



Here are some of the clients we work with to help their packaging pop:

Flex packaging of Pita Chips

Four Pita Chip Packages


Your packaging partner

Having a bit of knowledge about the finishing techniques that can make a brand and product stand out is valuable when working with a packaging partner. These represent only a handful of techniques but there are many more. Discussing needs and options with your packaging is a good idea to hear from experience on what the best options are.

At AlphaPoly we offer our clients a reliable partnership for their packaging solutions that draws on more than 30 years of industry experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on being nimble and responsive to our clients needs and we offer a wide variety of traditional and sustainable packaging options that are tailor made for our clients industries.

Find out how AlphaPoly can elevate your brand today, contact us to learn more.

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