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Custom design + HD printing. Now you can order your own 3D mock ups for any project! Available as a finished package mock up or as a full-motion electronic file.

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IFS PACsecure

AlphaPoly is IFS PACsecure Certified. IFS PACsecure is one of the world’s leading food safety standards for primary and secondary packaging materials.


Printer Profile: Alpha Poly Packaging Solutions

Printer Profile: Alpha Poly Packaging Solutions

FTA member Alpha Poly Packaging Solutions turned 25 last year, no small feat for a company that started with two employees and a 3,000 sq. ft. space. But if recent business activity is any indication, the company is in for an even more successful next 25 years. “We’ve seen nothing but growth,” observes Patrick Kerrigan, the

Alpha Poly at Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo

Alpha Poly at Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo

Canadian Packaging publisher Stephen Dean gets the skinny on what’s up with Alpha Poly Corporation president Patrick Kerrigan at the second annual Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo on June 5, 2014. Check out the video!

Pressing To Impress

Pressing To Impress

This article from the May edition of Canadian Packaging outlines how Alpha's corporate rebranding and major capital investment projects have helped propel our custom solutions business into the big leagues.